Friday, 20 February 2009

Astrid Stavro

Studio Astrid Stavro is an independent, multi-disciplinary design and communication consultancy based in Barcelona. Of which, i visited armed with my portfolio in November 08. 

"We believe in ideas-distinctive, intelligent design that makes a difference and solves problems effectively".

The studio is responsible for the creative direction of the international music competition 'Maria Canals', Arcadia's corporate image/book collections, exhibition graphics and catalogues for Palau Robert, the guide design for the permanent art collection of the Reina Sofia museum, in addition to a vast European based client folio.

Originally i thought that there may be some sort of language barrier between myself and the designers, but surprisingly they spoke better English than me. The creative director Astrid studied at Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design, 2000-2003, The Royal College of Art, 2003-2005 and was an extremely approachable women. As i arrived at the studio early (after getting lost several times) i was greeted by designer Edward Barcelon who invited me in for a bru and showed me some of Astrids work and the projects he was currently working on (very interesting). The portfolio viewing itself went well and they specifically liked the book/magazine medium that i adopted for the folio. I asked if anything needed to be modified as it was my 2nd year portfolio and they both gave some useful advise and pointers to develop.

* Any boxes encasing the work e.g poster, ideas generation etc should be a maximum of 2pt to ensure the layout aesthetic doesn't destract from the work.
* Logo's, brand identity's should be pushed in a sense of application.
* Personal work such as my screen prints and typography generation may be read better at the back of the folio after set projects.
* Produce more work outside of college to stir the creative juices.

I will take the advise they gave on board fully when i aspire to produce my 3rd year portfolio. We also exchanged email addresses so that we can keep in contact. I will also send them a PDF copy of my final show.

Below are some examples of Astrid's work.

'Maria Canals' poster, international piano competition

Palau de la musica 100 anniversary

Studio postcard (they gave me one as a present)

The graphic identity for the 'forum laus Europe'

Syzygn poster, art directors club of Europe

Astrid occasionally write design articles and reviews for magazines such as Grafik, Visual and Etapes. 

Thursday, 19 February 2009

Earth Hour

Fairey's poster for earth hour

Designer and illustrator Shepard Fairey (known best for his Obama poster success) has been commissioned to fashion a poster advertisement for this years 'Earth Hour'.

Earth Hour was created by WWF and Leo Burnett advertising agency in 2007, when over 2.2 million Sydney dwellers switched their lecy of for an hour. In a hopeful bid to raise climate change awareness. In 2008, Earth Hour went global for the first time, operating in 35 countries. Allowing individuals to both help the environment and glance up at the stars in a pure and unfettered form.

Earth Hour will take place on March 28 at 8.30pm. 

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Who Ya Gonna Call


Cheeky Faces

Nicole Gastonguay ia a fiber artist living and working in the big apple New York City. To pay the actual bills and "feed the actual dog", she's a graphic designer by trade at a big publishing house.

She's massive in Japan apparently? 

He Said Be Back

Good lord, a robot that moves like a living creature (slightly drunk acting with a hunchback). The far future doesn't look to remote, something akin to Terminator.


The robots will have there revenge, and personally i would shit myself if i spilt a pint on this thing in a club.

Monday, 16 February 2009

Did You Know???

* The length from your wrist to your elbow is the same as the length of your foot.

* Your mouth produces 1 litre (1.8 pints) of saliva a day

Stoned Face

Insert the bullet,
a girl with her hand riding a bottomless honey pot,
spoilt of riches her reds tremble and suit creeps,
her lust for the sparkle of wealth pulls the trigger,
no entry for the majority,
flying pigs grease the slick,
a pear shaped bum on the run,
from a force strict and devoid of compassion,

It's All Green

London - based design studio Airside have created the suitably green identity for Greenpeace's 'Airplot' campaign. Inaugurated to prevent a third runway being built at Heathrow airport.

In a nutshell, Greenpeace have purchased a piece of land slap bang in the middle of the proposed runway site. Although the deeds can only have four legal owners (Tory parliamentary candidate Zac Goldsmith, comedian Alistair McGowan (no relation to the famous Bob), actress Emma Thompson and Greenpeace themselves), the organisation are inviting everyone to sign up for a section of plot in order to hopefully further the Airplot cause.

A number of the initial ideas and sketches that gave birth to the identity are below, as well as work in progress images documenting the creation of the various graphic elements concerning the identity.

The bespoke typeface below was made by printing letters and shapes cut from corrugated cardboard (probably recycled).

Possibly an area of type generation to delve deeper into as regards to the D&AD Homebase brief???

Saturday, 14 February 2009

Good God!!! It's Darwin's Anniversary

The posters, designed by design agency Blast, will be displayed in various public spaces (including universities and public library's, but probably not Stockport), to promote a series of celebratory events, including the annual Darwin Day Lectures, in celebration of the approaching 200th anniversary of Darwin's birth (150 years since the publication On the Origin of Species). February 12.

"The humorous tone of the posters are intended to engage the audience whilst making them aware of the still heated debate" denotes Blast. Encouraging individuals to contact the BHA (British Humanist Association) or log onto their website.

A limited run will is being printed adopting gold foil......................which every man and his dog appears to be using nowadays. 

Marshak - Lebedev

Illustrated book covers that posse a visibly strong creative relationship between author and artist. Most active during the soviet era with political and personal beliefs put to one side these collaborations are bloody beautiful (simply put).


A knew a girl who's fucking golden,
born straight from the arse of a pearly swan,
she ain't got no brass but she's dirty rich,
driven to suicide,
her car in a ditch.

The Suit is Skin

Better than Ian's pants.......YES. To be worn at the next gig.......YES

The Value of a Dollar

Vintage restaurant/coffee shop signs. A great example of pop culture, and an excellent insight into the economic times of the day. Lay down a dollar, get a meal and get some change. The typography is as well fascinating and really communicates the products being sold.

D&AD Workshop

D&AD announced an upcoming design workshop for students to be held at the Madchester Urbis on the 25 of February.

To arrange a place i had to email Gina Rembe as you can see in the following email.

A little gem appeared in my inbox telling me that i had secured a place. 

There were two briefs attached to which i had to choose one, work on it and bring it with me to the workshop. 
It is next week i think so i best get doing some work.......

A Scotch Broth

The racial cheques cashed by the attacker,
pricking suicide poison bomber,
hissing the urban spitting guerrilla,
balling odds stop to save you,
shouting inside the devils clutches,
pull through the red bloody mist,
them, you, but never I

what government???

Friday, 13 February 2009

Oh Sexy

A random screen print of a rather fetching lady. Experimenting in more depth, layers (ironic). Sourced from the 50's comic strip "Gangsters Gun Dolls" issue 54 (a very rare periodical of which i have accidental cut up..........oopsy daisy).