Saturday, 24 January 2009

Coldplay's Life In Technicolour

Director Dougal Wilson's video for Coldplay's new single, Life in Technicolour, sees the band reinvented as puppets, who provide a musical interlude to a Punch and Judy show at the local village fete.
Production company: Colonel Blimp

Tuesday, 20 January 2009

The Army Egg

I've got yolk on my arm,
no time for an alarm,
just sit down and stay calm,
I've just eaten a sausage and egg barm.............with red sauce.

Monday, 19 January 2009

John Cooper Clarke

(Series 2 Episode 1 - 9/10/77) The late Factory Records founder and TV journalist Tony Wilson interviews the Punk poet John Cooper Clarke on his music show 'So it Goes'.

JCC during this infamous interview actually refers to the formidable Fingerpops some 30 years before they actually formed.............crazy???

The clip also includes performance's of poems "you never see a nipple in the daily express" and "phychedelic sluts".

Check it out.

(Attention all) Frank Sidebottom

Urgent news guys, Frank and Little Frank Sidebottom are actual played by Chris Sievey and not John Cooper Clarke as previously believed. I'm glad i cleared that up.

The Other

The East Village Other, April, 1970

Post: Question Mark

The stars and strips of a targeted land,
a trampled no substance brand,
fled and at times forgotten,
the people and there thoughts are now rotten,
a subliminal required power,
picked like a green paper flower.

Barney Bubbles

"Get Happy!!" poster for Elvis Costello and the Attraction, 1980

The Box

Sweat poring down the walls,
knuckles dragging scrapping floors,
bounded by authority,
a higher voice speaks,
bleak and without evident direction,
a lucid side-effect of a conformist erection,
caged like animals,
once liberated,
now defined,
subsequently paid and unquestioned my the majority.

Jonathan Barnbrook: New Year's Greeting

Typography by Barnbrook Design, 2008

Thursday, 15 January 2009

Punk is everything, Punk is dead

A hub of endless possibilities,
unbounded enthused by free liberty's,
or a creation of a reaction,
either way its 30 years post,
and Punk is merely a fluttering ghost.


Let's all point and laugh at that man,
a one one armed character,
clenching a XXXX can,
an orthodox,
he pounds the streets aimlessly,
full as a sweed,
a man once consumed by greed,
he is a victim and a consequence of the times.

The Caribbean

Cold turkey lying on the shelf,
all alone and by itself,
with no friends and no head,
it dreams all day of a warm tray bed,
with no tits of its own to freeze,
devoid of life,
longing for the day the oven makes it its wife,
and the stuffing it's fiddling,
playful uncle,


The Fingerpops

Back on the 18th of December the Fingerpops (me and keyboard guru Bob McGowan) were the warm up act for the band Sunday International. The gig went down a storm, a good laugh with lots of alcoholic beverage's. We hope to do it again.

The Right Kind of Wrong

An exhibition by graphic artist Anthony Burrill and product/furniture designer Michael Marriot at ad agency Mother (London)