Saturday, 22 November 2008

Bruno Maag 'A man power-driven by love'

To commence with Bruno Maag is an exceptionally passionate individual in relation to the medium of typography and i don't use the word lightly. The man oozed it, which is a refreshing characteristic to encompass and one a young design student like myself can't help but be inspired by.

Bruno initially instigated the lecture on the topic of semiotics "meaning is key" and the incorporation of it within contemporary typography. In particular it's relation to fly posters, billboards' and window displays. Reminiscent to love, "noise is all around us" at least in a visual sense. With everything in current street advertising shouting 'look at me', 'read me', 'buy me' at the peak of it's titanic voice. Bruno query's this as either a necessary encompassing mannerism or a futile proletarian peculiarity. I personally believe it to be the later, but if unpleasant visuals' were not readily available no body could measure them up to and/or differentiate them to good quality highly flavoured design's.

An example of typography working around exemplar that is not Bruno considers can be perceived when glimpsing at a newspaper stand. The 'Guardian' logo is looked upon as subtle and attractive looking when compared to the 'Sun' and the 'Star' that are referred to by Bruno as "heavy metal and vulgar". An additional characteristics Bruno believes robustly about is punctuation within everyday life (noted particularly as i am beginning to look into the subject of C.V's). He considers nothing more tedious than bad punctuation "i know where you live so make everything you do correct".

Bruno concluded the lecture with a rather bold and witty statement "the craft has to be finished appropriately in order to execute lettering correctly, do a job right or go down to bloody MacDonald's and flip burgers".

St. George's Hall, Liverpool, 23/10/08